Police Legacy News – June 2017

Welcome to the SA Police Legacy News! A place where we will start to share information on what is happening at and around SA Police Legacy.

Our purpose is to provide financial support to SA Police Families in need. As our financial year gets closer to ending it is a good time to highlight the financial support we’ve been able to give. Most of our financial support is provided for the children (under 25yrs) who have lost a parent, who was either a Serving or Retired SA Police Officer. Just this year alone SA Police Legacy has paid over $60,000 in Education Grants, over $4,000 in Personal Development Grants, over $2,000 in Driving Lesson fees and $2,000 in Christmas and Birthday gifts for those 18yrs and under.

The team in the office, who funnily enough share the same name, Karen (fondly referred to as K1 and K2), have been working hard on future plans. Karen Robinson, our Liaison Officer, held a successful Legatee Lunch at the Police Club on 30th May, which featured a Fashion Parade. Over 20 Legatees came together and enjoyed the parade which was followed by lunch. Our Manager, Karen Cucchiarelli, has been working collaboratively with other charities and organisations to lock down future fundraising and partnership opportunities. More information on this will come soon.

Our Board meets monthly and our next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday 19th June. Further updates on the outcomes of this meeting will be shared in our July news.