Honour Roll

SA Police Legacy recognises all police deaths. We honour those who die in the line of duty as well as those serving and retired police officers who succumb to illness, injury or suicide.

This Honour Roll remembers all police officers in South Australia who have served and protected our community. It is with the utmost respect their names are listed here, with approval of their families. A place where they will be honoured and remembered.

remembrance candle
NameRankDate of Death
Ernest 'Ernie' Harry Alderslade OAMSenior Sergeant (retired)20 June 2024
Emmanuel 'Spike' KeldoulisSenior Constable (retired)28 May 2024
Robert McDonald APMSenior Sergeant (retired)13 May 2024
Peter John TaylorSenior Sergeant (retired)13 April 2024
Nicholas ZuvichChief Inspector (retired)1 April 2024
Michael StandenSenior Sergeant (retired)13 March 2024
David William GardnerSergeant (retired)15 February 2024
Walter 'Wally' ClarkeSergeant (retired)11 January 2024
Rodger Grant AllenSergeant (retired)28 November 2023
Jason DoigBrevet Sergeant17 November 2023
Rex CoxChief Superintendent (retired)4 November 2023
Michele Julie Smith APMSergeant (retired)4 November 2023
Rodney Edward JarrettSergeant (retired)14 September 2023
Gregory McCartneySenior Constable (retired)10 September 2023
John Albert BeasleySergeant (retired)5 September 2023
Graham JohnstonSenior Constable (retired)13 August 2023
Barry KappeSenior Sergeant (retired)29 July 2023
Peter James SeebohmChief Inspector (retired)14 June 2023
John BaansSergeant (retired)25 May 2023
Robert StapletonBrevet Sergeant (retired)17 April 2023
Richard 'Dick' RobertsSenior Sergeant (retired)15 April 2023
Barry HuffaSenior Constable (retired)24 March 2023
Janet Kemplay-HillConstable (retired)18 March 2023
Rick BubnerInspector (retired)5 March 2023
Barry Ewen PresgraveChief Inspector (retired)26 February 2023
Gary David TreziseBrevet Sergeant (retired)23 February 2023
John Alexander RobisonSenior Constable (retired)18 February 2023
Nello MatriccianiSenior Constable First Class (retired)31 January 2023
Max RutschackBrevet Sergeant (retired)30 January 2023
Donald Bruce McKenzieConstable (retired)25 January 2023
John Maxwell Whitbread QGM OAMChief Superintendent (retired)10 January 2023
Denis EdmondsChief Superintendent (retired)28 December 2022
Frank RenfreySenior Constable (retired)16 December 2022
Robin FirthSenior Constable First Class22 November 2022
George Richmond HarrisSenior Constable (retired)31 October 2022
Elvio 'Ted' GiampaoliSenior Constable (retired)4 July 2022
Brenton Howard JonesSenior Sergeant (retired)4 April 2022
Alan Graham WebberSenior Sergeant (retired)4 April 2022
William Donald 'Don' MaddernSergeant (retired)3 March 2022
Robert Wilfred HamdorfChief Superintendent (retired)19 November 2021
Brenton John MackieSenior Constable (retired)11 September 2021
Robert Ian LodgeSenior Constable (retired)27 August 2021
Barry David Ainslie England APMSenior Superintendent (retired)22 August 2021
Mark Thomas HollowellSenior Constable (retired)14 August 2021
Mark RobertsSergeant (retired)2 August 2021
Richard CookSenior Sergeant (retired)29 July 2021
Dean TrickettSenior Sergeant (retired)23 July 2021
Ian Desmond HumbyChief Inspector (retired)6 July 2021
Richard TurleySenior Constable (retired)20 June 2021
Archibald KempsterSenior Constable (retired)11 June 2021
Paul Victor DohntSenior Constable (retired)4 June 2021
Mark Dominic BailettiSergeant (retired)24 April 2021
James Wingfield NixonSenior Sergeant (retired)24 April 2021
Colin George WilsonAssistant Commissioner (retired)23 April 2021
Greg O'BrienSergeant (retired)1 April 2021
John Richard DaveySenior Sergeant (retired)26 March 2021
Brenton Leigh MartChief Inspector (retired)26 March 2021
Charles Leonard TredreaSenior Sergeant (retired)11 March 2021
Lyndsay John FilmerSenior Constable (retired)21 December 2020
Neil KippingSenior Sergeant (retired)21 December 2020
Annette Lesley BurdenBrevet Sergeant (retired)19 December 2020
Donald Rex WordenSenior Sergeant (retired)10 December 2020
Keith Alfred Carlton OatesSergeant (retired)8 December 2020
Christopher Mark RichardsSenior Sergeant (retired)6 December 2020
Manfred Heinz BatorSenior Sergeant (retired)7 November 2020
Andrew Edward 'Bolly' BolingbrokeSenior Sergeant2 November 2020
David Ronald HannahBrevet Sergeant25 September 2020
Terence Desmond EbertSergeant (retired)31 August 2020
John Leslie HamiltonBrevet Sergeant (retired)28 July 2020
Joseph ButlerSergeant (retired)25 July 2020
Cedric A ArgentSergeant (retired)3 July 2020
Joanne Shanahan APMChief Superintendent 25 April 2020
Robert Bayliss RiceSergeant (retired)21 April 2020
John James BrettSergeant (retired)15 April 2020
Lewis George SprichSenior Constable (retired)15 April 2020
Peter Ronald CareySenior Constable (retired)17 March 2020
Basil PalmosSergeant (retired)25 February 2020
Douglas David Barr APMChief Superintendent23 October 2019
Vincent Richard ConleySergeant (retired)20 October 2019
Raymond Leslie ConsidineSuperintendent (retired)13 October 2019
Graham Joseph BrownSenior Constable (retired)11 October 2019
Andrew 'Rex' GreigSenior Sergeant (retired)5 October 2019
Peter James ElfenbeinSenior Constable (retired)21 September 2019
Thomas John JenningsSergeant (retired)19 September 2019
David Albert PikeSenior Constable (retired)31 July 2019
Kelvin Russell HowlettSergeant (retired)22 July 2019
Paul Desmond GarrettSuperintendent (retired)14 May 2019
RW WardSenior Sergeant (retired)12 May 2019
Rodley Gerald FisherSergeant (retired)14 March 2019
Lenard Alfred BootsSenior Sergeant (retired)24 February 2019
Ross Owen BowlesSuperintendent (retired)24 January 2019
Kevin William Beare OAMSenior Sergeant (retired)27 October 2018
Raymond Daniel HunterSergeant (retired)15 October 2018
Peter Gregory LewisSenior Constable (retired)2 October 2018
Valentine 'Val' Gordon HarveySenior Constable (retired)10 August 2018
Steven John GrahamBrevet Sergeant26 June 2018
Leonard Roy GreenSenior Constable (retired)5 June 2018
Lindsay Neil CreminSergeant (retired)3 June 2018
Dennis Michael PayneSergeant (retired)1 June 2018
Peter Desmond MaherSergeant (retired)29 May 2018
Jeffrey BrownSenior Sergeant (retired)16 May 2018
Donald 'Ian' McDonaldChief Inspector (retired)13 April 2018
Ian William GlenisterSenior Sergeant (retired)5 March 2018
Laurence Ross McCallumConstable (retired)10 February 2018
Kevin James GilbertSenior Sergeant (retired)2 February 2018
James TrippSergeant (retired)3 October 2017
Danielle Jodie PattersonSenior Constable30 September 2017
Richard George PrattSergeant (retired)16 September 2017
Peter Mervyn EllbournSenior Constable (retired)12 August 2017
David Anthony Charles 'Dac' ThomasSergeant12 February 2017
Trevor Kenneth OldmanSuperintendent (retired)10 November 2016
Daniel DahlitzSenior Sergeant (retired)23 August 2016
Derek CartlidgeSenior Constable (retired)12 August 2016
Colin Malcolm George CreekSergeant (retired)3 May 2016
Gray Clyde ChaplinSenior Sergeant (retired)5 March 2016
John Pirie PattersonConstable (retired)23 June 2015
John Aard KenyeresConstable (retired)21 March 2015
John Newman APMSenior Sergeant (retired)30 January 2015
Caroline Anne BristowSergeant30 January 2015
Colin James LordChief Inspector (retired)4 November 2014
Phillip DonnithorneSergeant (retired)19 September 2014
Graham 'Gerry' John Edwards APMChief Superintendent (retired)1 September 2014
Christopher Alan EadySenior Constable (retired)18 October 2014
Frank Lindsay BrooksSergeant (retired)20 July 2014
Thomas John AdamsSenior Constable (retired)20 July 2013
Graham John VonowSergeant (retired)18 July 2013
William 'Bill' MolierSenior Constable6 June 2013
EC 'Chas' Hopkins QPMCommander (retired)11 May 2013
Colin Brian BeamesSergeant (Retired)17 April 2013
Peter Robert WillingSenior Constable (retired)16 September 2012
Darcie Richard NewellSergeant (retired)23 April 2012
Bruce Phillip Allen1 April 2012
Robin Peter WheelerSergeant (retired)29 November 2011
Gary Clyde WarrickSergeant14 November 2011
Bruce GambleAssistant Commissioner (retired)24 October 2011
Peter Lawrence CarrollChief Superintendent (retired)27 September 2011
Howard Wayne MarshallSenior Constable21 September 2011
David John WrightSenior Constable7 September 2011
Alison BeeSergeant10 February 2011
Desmond Bryan JonesSenior Sergeant (retired)13 June 2010
Michael Andrew KoernerSenior Sergeant11 November 2009
James Felix FurnellSenior Sergeant (retired)14 October 2009
Benjamin Charles MartinSergeant (retired)17 June 2009
Barry LuggSenior Constable (retired)24 May 2009
Michael James KeaneSergeant (retired)2 March 2009
Harvey Bruce DawesSenior Sergeant (retired)25 January 2009
John 'David' VogelesangSenior Constable (retired)12 November 2008
Barry W MillarSenior Constable (retired)23 October 2008
James Stanley FosterConstable (retired)24 August 2008
Donald Charles GraySergeant (retired)21 August 2008
Ivan William DoeringSenior Constable (retired)24 July 2008
Ronald Leslie HeavenConstable (retired)29 March 2008
James Millard Bruce HainesSenior Constable (retired)8 February 2008
Colin SimsSenior Sergeant (retired)26 March 2007
Noel John Killian4 November 2006
John Milton RobinsonSenior Constable (retired)8 October 2006
Bernard EglintonSenior Constable (retired)28 June 2006
John David JefferyesSenior Constable (retired)19 June 2006
Ronald Edga ArneySergeant (retired)18 June 2006
Kenneth WattsSenior Sergeant (retired)20 May 2006
Herbert Raymond WhitfordSenior Sergeant (retired)28 August 2005
Cyril GeyerSenior Constable (retired)5 June 2005
Neville Dennis HutchinsonSergeant (retired)15 March 2005
Colin Robert ZadowSenior Constable (retired)2 November 2014
Jacobus 'Jack' Adries VogelesangAssistant Commissioner (retired)24 August 2004
Roger Terence KappeSergeant7 December 2003
Peter BurnleySenior Sergeant (retired)13 September 2003
Garry CornishChief Inspector (retired)11 March 2003
Brendan M McGeeSenior Sergeant2 March 2003
Brian O'GoerkSergeant (retired)2 March 2003
Michael NasalikSenior Constable2 December 2002
Scott MerrettSenior Constable23 October 2002
John Lawrence Frederick BreedingSenior Constable21 September 2002
Robert Gordon LeanAssistant Commissioner (retired)4 August 2002
Hendrik BrowningSenior Constable (retired)2 July 2002
Bogdan Josef SobczakSenior Constable26 May 2002
Douglas John MitchellConstable6 February 2002
Desmond 'Barry' SchemmellSenior Constable (retired)12 July 2001
Ramon WithersSenior Constable (retired)29 September 2000
Patrick Michael HurleyDeputy Commissioner (retired)15 July 2000
Frank Edgar LiebingSergeant (retired)25 May 2000
Francis 'Frank' FairneySergeant (retired)22 February 2000
Michael John GraingerConstable22 September 1998
Kym SchulzConstable2 August 1998
Irvin 'Ike' LowcockSenior Sergeant (retired)31 May 1997
Edward Albert James KearvellSergeant (retired)2 June 1995
Alan David AmesSenior Sergeant (retired)4 December 1994
Leonard Edward OliverSenior Constable (retired)7 April 1994
Paul HumphreysSenior Constable20 March 1993
Richard Graham YorkConstable4 December 1992
WB Harris BMSenior Constable (retired)29 October 1992
Terence Harold DownesSergeant (retired)3 April 1992
Barry Douglas KaySenior Constable6 October 1991
Edward Stuart HumphrysSenior Sergeant19 August 1991
Gordon James LoftSenior Constable7 April 1991
Thomas Raymond HenschkeSenior Constable (retired)19 March 1991
Eric John LeeSergeant (retired)1 November 1990
Douglas Darrell SnodgrassSergeant (retired)19 June 1990
Preston 'Chad' ChadwickConstable (retired)21 February 1990
John Francis WrightSenior Constable (retired)21 February 1989
Brian Allen RobertsChief Inspector (retired)20 February 1988
Barry John HannafordSenior Constable6 January 1986
Raymond Joseph KennedySenior Constable8 September 1985
Martin John CliftSenior Constable14 November 1984
David Wayne PidgeonSenior Constable (retired)31 August 1984
Ronald Leslie KennedySenior Constable2 August 1984
Laurence John O'LearySergeant17 November 1983
Alan Cecil HuttonSenior Constable (retired)24 August 1982
Geoffrey Reginald WhitfordInspector (retired)22 October 1981
Dennis PugsleyConstable21 December 1980
James WebbConstable21 October 1980
Colin Keith WhitfordSenior Constable6 December 1979
Maxwell Ernest SellarConstable5 March 1978
John AdamsConstable (retired)17 June 1976
Richard William NobesSenior Constable12 April 1973
Norman Alexander Giles Dawes21 October 1971
Thomas Edward HenschkeSergeant (retired)7 December 1962
Raymond E KillmierDeputy Commissioner (retired)6 September 2022
Michael James HoustonSenior Constable7 April 2022
Barry John deDearSenior Constable (retired)30 March 2022
David John LeechBrevet Sergeant (retired)26 March 2022
Benjamin Edward WarrenSenior Constable27 February 2022
Leslie Wayne DurbidgeSergeant (retired)19 February 2022
Graham ‘John’ BartlettChief Superintendent (retired)9 February 2022
Stephen James AndersonSenior Constable18 January 2022
Russell Peter NashSergeant24 December 2021