Police Legatees

Police Legatees (Widows & Widowers)

We provide financial, emotional and social support to widows and widowers of serving sworn South Australia Police officers and retired sworn South Australia Police officers whose relationship began while they were serving.

If you have come to this page because you have experienced the loss of your serving or retired police officer partner, our thoughts are with you as you find your way through this difficult time. Please contact us if we can support you in any way.

New police legatees may find this South Australian government website helpful when facing the maze of tasks and responsibilities after the loss of a loved one. You may also find some helpful information on our resources page.

“The support [SA] Police Legacy provides is so important not only for funding but for the kindness and thoughtfulness you give the members. I have been so lucky to have the ongoing contact from you [liaison officer] and this has been especially important since the recent passing of my dear husband.”

V, police legatee


Emotional Support

Our caring liaison officers are trained and experienced in supporting people in distress. They are available for police legatees to talk about their grief or simply for a friendly chat. We offer telephone and email support, as well as face-to-face visits in a variety of locations, including homes, coffee shops, hospitals and aged care facilities.

From time to time we include supportive, educational articles in our newsletter about living with grief, and offer workshops or presentations, such as creative journaling, active ageing or life skills education.

Being a part of the SA Police Legacy community of police legatees also means having the opportunity to meet with others who have been on a similar journey and can offer emotional support and understanding to each other at social events or as friendships develop.


Financial Support

One way we help to ease the financial burden on police legatees is to offer financial support for them to update their Will, Advance Care Directive and/or Enduring Power of Attorney after their partner passes away. We can also offer referrals to legal providers if necessary.

Financial support for a range of other services to enhance police legatee wellbeing may be available, including assistance to purchase mobility aids not covered by government funding.

If a police legatee has children under the age of 21, financial support may be available for their education and wellbeing. Please visit our young legatees page for more information.

Contact us to express your interest or for more information about the financial support we can offer.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for a lovely day yesterday. I enjoyed every second… to be able to go out and be with people and especially to meet new people; wow I just enjoyed it so very much. [I’m] so grateful that [SA] Police Legacy look after us all so very well.”

Diana, police legatee