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A message to our serving members
Are you donating?

Did you know that financial support is available to serving members (serving South Australia police officers)?

SA Police Legacy supports South Australian police families in a variety of ways. Not only are we there for your family during times of bereavement, we are also there during serious illness and/or injury to you AND your immediate family.

For serving SA police officers, the following financial supports are available.

  1. Welfare grant – This grant is available to SA police officers, and their immediate family, during times of serious illness and/or injuries. Generally, payments are made up to $3000 and is designed to ease the financial burden during stressful times. Application forms are available from our office.
  2. Bereavement grant –this new grant is available to SA police officers who have lost a non-police spouse/partner or child from their household. This once off, immediate payment of $1000 is paid to the surviving member and designed to give instant monetary support during times of bereavement.

Furthermore, serving or retired police officers are invited to apply for the Kokoda trek (or equivalent) when it is advertised. This is an opportunity for members to mentor young legatees on the trek, however it is also a personal development opportunity for members. Currently the Kokoda trek is on hold (due to COVID) and will re-commence as soon as possible.

When a police officer passes away, the following support is available for the surviving family;

  1. Education Grants – School/university fees (up to a prescribed amount per year) are paid for children of the family, up to and including 21 years old.
  2. Wellbeing Grants – $500 per child, per year is paid (via reimbursement) for children’s hobbies and/or activities that enhance the child’s wellbeing.
  3. Personal development grants – this grant is paid as a once off to surviving children, up to a prescribed amount, to support them in gaining necessary skills and experiences to enhance their ability to move in to adulthood.
  4. Job Start grants – This is a grant for children who move straight in to the workforce from high school and provides assistance for ‘tools of the trade’ ie) chef knives, work suits, work boots etc.
  5. Career Development and Resume Writing workshops
  6. Driving lesson (reimbursements)
  7. Legal Wills (reimbursements)
  8. Social and emotional support – our Liaison Officers are professionally trained to provide on-going support to grieving families. Support is provided via face to face visits and/or phone conversations.
  9. Events – Run by our Liaison Officers, our events bring police legatees and young legatees together to create social connection and support.

These are current as at 22nd March 2021 and are subject to change.

It is because of your generosity, your colleagues and their families have been able to receive this much-needed support when they needed it the most.

You can play a part in supporting the blue family by signing up to fortnightly payroll deductions and help SA Police Legacy to support you and your colleagues when it is needed the most.

Not sure if you’re donating or not?

Check your payslip and see if you’re donating $2.50 per fortnight to SA Police Legacy. If you aren’t then please consider to do so and sign up using these links;

For a paper based application, please print, sign and send this form to Payroll – Payroll Deduction Form 2021

For online instructions on how to donate – Payroll Deduction Instructions HR21


Thank you for your on-going support. It is appreciated.

Remember, SA Police Legacy is here when you need us.