Leia’s story


When Leia was 6 her Mum Danielle suddenly passed away. Danielle was a serving member and Leia’s Dad Matt continues to serve while raising his children Leia and Bailey. SA Police Legacy supports Leia by providing social events for Young Legatees and their families and by providing education grants and wellbeing grants which Leia uses for sports fees and her other hobbies. 


This is Leah’s story . . . 


“I’m Leia, and in my family I have my Dad (Matt) and my brother Bailey. My Dad is still in the Police Force and Bailey enjoys doing stuff like footy, basketball and video games. I’m involved with Police Legacy because my Mum, Danielle, unexpectedly passed away when I was six. 

SA Police Legacy has been able to support me by knowing that others can relate to what it’s like losing a parent and knowing that I’m not the only person in this situation.


At school my favourite lessons are mainly Maths and History, the other lessons are okay but I despise English and Italian.  In my spare time I like to read, play netball and spend time with our pets; Ardie our dog and Peaches and Monkee our cats. 


I enjoy being part of the SA Police Legacy community because we do different activities and I can be around other kids that are in a similar situation as me.”