Member update 2023


For over 30 years, you and your colleagues have enabled us to offer support to over 4000 police officers and their families.

Your contributions have funded over 800 contacts for support by police families in the past twelve months.

To date your contributions have allowed $2.3M to be paid in support of police families.

SA Police Legacy is a charity that cares for your legacy!

In recent years, demand for our services has increased and to continue helping children and families, we need your ongoing support. For the price of a cup of coffee per week we can continue our services to South Australian police families.

For current serving SA Police Legacy members, from 4th October 2023, your fortnightly contribution will change to $7.

If you are willing to contribute and pay the fortnightly increase, you don’t need to do anything. The adjustment will happen automatically on the 4th October 2023.

If you are already donating more than $7, this change will not affect you. If you wish to maintain your existing contribution or nominate an alternative contribution amount please click here

Thank you for supporting SA Police Legacy

If you would like to know more about our services, please visit

Photo: Senior Constable First Class Ben Warren with his daughter April. Ben passed away on 27/02/2022.
(First photo above: Ben’s family who SA Police Legacy now supports).
Photos used with the family’s permission