Notice of Annual General Meeting

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The recent Special General Meeting called on 26th August 2019 did not meet quorum requirements and therefore the special resolutions will be re-tabled at the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of S.A. Police Legacy Inc. will be held in the SA Police Legacy office, 50/81 Carrington Street, Adelaide, commencing at 4.30 pm on Monday, 18 November 2019.

Changes to the constitution will be tabled as ‘Special Resolutions’ in the Agenda.


  1. Opening of meeting
  2. Apologies
  3. Confirmation of minutes of meeting on 19 November 2018
  4. Reports:
    1. President’s report
    2. Treasurer’s report
    3. Appointment of auditors
    4. Appointment of Life Members
      • Nominations: NIL
    5. Liaison Officer’s report
  5. Elections

Three elected Board positions are to be filled at the meeting.

Mark Willing, Barry Lewis and Mark Walker-Roberts have indicated their intention to renominate.

Written nominations (new candidates must be nominated by two members and the candidate must indicate a willingness to stand) must be received by the Manager by 5pm on 9th October 2019. Nomination forms are available here. Submission instructions are on the nomination form. A notice to members, of all nominees, will be published in the Gazette on 23rd October including ballot instructions if required.

  1. Special Resolutions
    • Resolution #1 Rule 2.35 “Special Resolution” amendment
    • Resolution #2 Rule 13 Amendment “Removal of Life Membership”
    • Resolution #3 Rule 15 “Composition of the Board”
    • Resolution #4 Rule 16 Amendment “Election of Board Members”
    • Resolution #5 Rule 20 Amendment “Convening General Meetings”
    • Resolution #6 Rule 31 Amendment “Funds”
    • Resolution #7 Rule 32 Amendment “Manager”
    • Resolution #8 Rule 33 “Policies” added

A copy of the tracked changes can be viewed here or you can read below for a summary of the proposed changes

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Enquiries can be sent to Karen Cucchiarelli, Manager. S.A. Police Legacy, email Board nomination forms are available at here.


Proposed Constitution Changes – Summary

Rule 2.35 is to be amended to read:

2.35        “Special Resolution” means a resolution of Members passed:

2.35.1     at a duly convened General Meeting of which at least forty-five days (45) days’ written notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been given to all Members; and

Rule 13 “Removal of Life Membership” is to be amended to read:

13.1     Subject to giving a Life Member an opportunity to be heard or to make a written submission, the Board may resolve to remove Life Membership from a Life Member in any way the Board deems fit or necessary. Removal of a Life Membership may be warranted by actions consisting of, but not limited to, unacceptable, inappropriate or improper conduct, criminal actions (whether they are pending, anticipated or finalised) or any conduct which could be seen to be detrimental to the interests of SA Police Legacy SA or conduct that may, is likely to or has brought SA Police Legacy SA into disrepute.

Rule 15 “Composition of the Board” is to be amended to read:

  • The Board shall comprise:
    • a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 Board Members who are duly elected under rule 16;
    • 1 Board Member appointed by the Commissioner of Police;
    • 1 Board Member appointed by the Police Association of South Australia;
    • 1 Board Member appointed by the Police Credit Union;
    • 1 Board Member appointed at the discretion of the board. The appointment of the Board Member under this section is not contingent on the Board Member being a member of the association.
  • The Board Members appointed respectively by the Commissioner of Police, the Police Association of South Australia, the Police Credit Union and by the discretion of the board shall each hold office for such time as their appointor decides and in the event that such office becomes vacant, the appointor may appoint a Member to such office.
  • Is to be removed, meaning 15.4 moves to 15.3 and will read:

15.3 The office bearers of the Association shall be the President and the Vice‑President who shall be elected by the Board in accordance with rule 18.7 provided that such office bearers shall at the time of such election be Police Officers.

Rule 16 “Election of Board Members” is to be amended to read:

  • Subject to rule 3, a person seeking election as a Board Member must be nominated by 2 Members. The nomination in writing must be delivered to the Manager at least 30 days before the Annual General Meeting at which the election is to take place.  The nomination must be signed by the proposers and by the nominee to signify a willingness to stand for election.
  • Notice of all persons seeking election to the Board shall be given to all Members no sooner than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. This notice includes notice given by way of a proxy form.

Rule 20 “Convening General Meetings” is to be amended to read:

  • The Board may call a Special General Meeting at any time, and shall call an Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Act.
    • The board will provide members notice of a Special General Meeting in accordance with paragraph 20.1.1 no later than 14 days prior to the meeting.
  • Notice of a General Meeting at which a Special Resolution is to be proposed shall be given at least 45 days prior to the date of the meeting.
  • A notice may be given by the Association to any Member by:
    • serving the Member with the notice personally;
    • by sending it by post to the address appearing in the Register; or
    • by putting a notice in the South Australia Police Gazette or;
    • by any other way the Board deems fit.

Rule 31 “Funds” is to be amended to read:

  1. FUNDS

31.1 The funds of the Association shall be derived from donations, grants and such other sources as the Board determines.

31.2 All monies coming to the Association shall be deposited at such financial institution as shall be determined by the Board from time to time.

Rule 32 “Manager” is to be amended to read:

32.3 All moneys coming into the hands of the Manager shall be deposited at such financial institutions as shall be determined by the Board from time to time.  All payments shall be made by crossed cheque, signed by the Manager and one other Board Member or by any other means (including use of credit/debit cards and any electronic means) approved by the Board from time to time subject however to any restrictions or limitations imposed by the Board in respect of such means of payment.

A new rule “33 Policies” is to be added and read:


33.1 All Board Members, Members and Employees are bound by the all policies engaged or enacted by SA Police Legacy Inc.

33.2 The policies of SA Police Legacy Inc. are to be reviewed periodically at the discretion of the Board.

All SA Police Legacy members (serving or retired SA police officers) are welcome to attend and vote on the day.