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SA Police Legacy recognises all police deaths. We honour those who die in the line of duty as well as those serving and retired police officers who succumb to illness, injury or suicide.

This Honour Roll remembers all police officers in South Australia who have served and protected our community. It is with the utmost respect their names are listed here, with approval from their families. A place where they will be honoured and remembered.

NameDate of death
Brenton John Mackie11 September 2021
Barry David Ainslie England APM22 August 2021
Mark Thomas Hollowell14 August 2021
Mark Roberts2 August 2021
Richard Cook29 July 2021
Dean Trickett23 July 2021
Richard Turley20 June 2021
Mark Dominic Bailetti24 April 2021
James Wingfield Nixon24 April 2021
Colin George Wilson23 April 2021
Greg O’Brien1 April 2021
John Richard Davey26 March 2021
Brenton Leigh Mart26 March 2021
Charles Leonard Tredrea11 March 2021
Lyndsay John Filmer21 December 2020
Neil Kipping21 December 2020
Annette Lesley Burden19 December 2020
Donald Rex Worden10 December 2020
Keith Alfred Carlton Oates8 December 2020
Manfred Heinz Bator7 November 2020
Andrew Edward ‘Bolly’ Bolingbroke2 November 2020
David Ronald Hannah25 September 2020
Terence Desmond Ebert31 August 2020
John Leslie Hamilton28 July 2020
Joseph Butler25 July 2020
Cedric A Argent3 July 2020
Desmond Bryan Jones13 June 2020
Joanne Shanahan APM25 April 2020
Robert Bayliss Rice21 April 2020
John James Brett15 April 2020
Lewis George Sprich15 April 2020
Peter Ronald Carey17 March 2020
Basil Palmos25 February 2020
Douglas David Barr APM23 October 2019
Vincent Richard Conley20 October 2019
Raymond Leslie Considine13 October 2019
Graham Joseph Brown11 October 2019
Andrew ‘Rex’ Greig5 October 2019
Peter James Elfenbein21 September 2019
Thomas John Jennings19 September 2019
David Albert Pike31 July 2019
Kelvin Russell Howlett22 July 2019
Paul Desmond Garrett14 May 2019
RW Ward12 May 2019
Rodley Gerald Fisher14 March 2019
Lenard Alfred Boots24 February 2019
Ross Owen Bowles24 January 2019
Kevin William Beare OAM27 October 2018
Raymond Daniel Hunter15 October 2018
Peter Gregory Lewis2 October 2018
Valentine ‘Val’ Gordon Harvey10 August 2018
Steven John Graham26 June 2018
Leonard Roy Green5 June 2018
Lindsay Neil Cremin3 June 2018
Dennis Michael Payne1 June 2018
Peter Desmond Maher29 May 2018
Jeffrey Brown16 May 2018
Donald ‘Ian’ McDonald13 April 2018
Ian William Glenister5 March 2018
Laurence Ross McCallum10 February 2018
Kevin James Gilbert2 February 2018
James Tripp3 October 2017
Danielle Jodie Patterson30 September 2017
Richard George Pratt16 September 2017
Peter Mervyn Ellbourn12 August 2017
David Anthony Charles ‘Dac’ Thomas12 February 2017
Trevor Kenneth Oldman10 November 2016
Daniel Dahlitz23 August 2016
Derek Cartlidge12 August 2016
Colin Malcolm George Creek3 May 2016
Gray Clyde Chaplin5 March 2016
John Pirie Patterson23 June 2015
John Aard Kenyeres21 March 2015
John Newman APM30 January 2015
Caroline Anne Bristow30 January 2015
Colin James Lord4 November 2014
Phillip Donnithorne19 September 2014
Graham ‘Gerry’ John Edwards APM1 September 2014
Christopher Alan Eady18 October 2014
Frank Lindsay Brooks20 July 2014
Thomas John Adams20 July 2013
Graham John Vonow18 July 2013
William ‘Bill’ Molier6 June 2013
EC ‘Chas’ Hopkins QPM11 May 2013
Colin Brian Beames17 April 2013
Peter Robert Willing16 September 2012
Darcie Richard Newell23 April 2012
Bruce Phillip Allen1 April 2012
Robin Peter Wheeler29 November 2011
Gary Clyde Warrick14 November 2011
Bruce Gamble24 October 2011
Peter Lawrence Carroll27 September 2011
Howard Wayne Marshall21 September 2011
David John Wright7 September 2011
Alison Bee10 February 2011
Desmond Bryan Jones13 June 2010
Michael Andrew Koerner11 November 2009
James Felix Furnell14 October 2009
Benjamin Charles Martin17 June 2009
Barry Lugg24 May 2009
Michael James Keane2 March 2009
Harvey Bruce Dawes25 January 2009
John ‘David’ Vogelesang12 November 2008
Barry W Millar23 October 2008
James Stanley Foster24 August 2008
Donald Charles Gray21 August 2008
Ivan William Doering24 July 2008
Ronald Leslie Heaven29 March 2008
James Millard Bruce Haines8 February 2008
Colin Sims26 March 2007
Noel John Killian4 November 2006
John Milton Robinson8 October 2006
Bernard Eglinton28 June 2006
John David Jefferyes19 June 2006
Ronald Edga Arney18 June 2006
Kenneth Watts20 May 2006
Herbert Raymond Whitford28 August 2005
Cyril Geyer5 June 2005
Neville Dennis Hutchinson15 March 2005
Colin Robert Zadow2 November 2004
Jacobus ‘Jack’ Andries Vogelesang24 August 2004
Roger Terence Kappe7 December 2003
Peter Burnley13 September 2003
Garry Cornish11 March 2003
Brendan M McGee2 March 2003
Brian O’Goerk2 March 2003
Michael Nasalik2 December 2002
Scott Merrett23 October 2002
John Lawrence Frederick Breeding21 September 2002
Robert Gordon Lean4 August 2002
Hendrik Browning2 July 2002
Bogdan Josef Sobczak26 May 2002
Douglas John Mitchell6 February 2002
Desmond ‘Barry’ Schemmell12 July 2001
Ramon Withers29 September 2000
Patrick Michael Hurley15 July 2000
Frank Edgar Liebing25 May 2000
Francis ‘Frank’ Fairney22 February 2000
Michael John Grainger22 September 1998
Kym Schulz2 August 1998
Irvin ‘Ike’ Lowcock31 May 1997
Edward Albert James Kearvell2 June 1995
Alan David Ames4 December 1994
Leonard Edward Oliver7 April 1994
Paul Humphreys20 March 1993
Richard Graham York4 December 1992
WB Harris BM29 October 1992
Terence Harold Downes3 April 1992
Barry Douglas Kay6 October 1991
Edward Stuart Humphrys19 August 1991
Thomas Raymond Henschke19 March 1991
Eric John Lee1 November 1990
Douglas Darrell Snodgrass19 June 1990
Preston ‘Chad’ Chadwick21 February 1990
John Francis Wright21 February 1989
Brian Allen Roberts20 February 1988
Barry John Hannaford6 January 1986
Martin John Clift14 November 1984
David Wayne Pidgeon31 August 1984
Ronald Leslie Kennedy2 August 1984
Laurence John O’Leary17 November 1983
Alan Cecil Hutton24 August 1982
Geoffrey Reginald Whitford22 October 1981
Dennis Pugsley21 December 1980
James Webb21 October 1980
Colin Keith Whitford6 December 1979
Maxwell Ernest Sellar5 March 1978
John Adams17 June 1976
Richard William Nobes12 April 1973
Norman Alexander Giles Dawes21 October 1971
Thomas Edward Henschke7 December 1962
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